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In a search for ever-changing development and adaptation in the advertising industry for the beauty world, the culmination of art, beauty, visual design and technology is the perfect recipe for success. While the beauty industry can be slow to embrace change, the advertising behind the industry can be considered an art form in itself - especially with such a highly competitive market.

With fashion continually driving the edge with creative content in videos, the beauty industry can definitely learn a thing or two. As Miuccia Prada told AnOther Magazine in terms of the methodology and inspiration behind campaigning - it is important to "study fashion, study movies, study art and after that study yourself."

The old school approach to advertising within the realm of  beauty has been very staunch in focusing upon the product - when in reality there is a high demand for the utilization of art form and new technologies to create new dialogues between beauty brands and consumers. It is no secret that consumers will lose interest in a company's message if they feel as though they are being pitched aggressive sales tactics. To create an organic conversation amongst current and potential consumers, beauty companies must open themselves up to new innovations and modes of storytelling - one mode in particular that is catching fire is the use of animation. 

Animation is where visual design meets technology, which ties together beautifully to provide your brand with  an innovative way to communicate its message far past the product its seeking to turn out. With the stronger-than-ever prevalence of aesthetic and lifestyle messaging in today's advertising, animation creates distinction and ingenuity in a market that is otherwise awash with an abundance of imagery.

Beauty brands can replace static imagery with animation to ensure "aesthetic longevity," as consumers are not simply looking to purchase a product but also to purchase a certain aesthetic mentality. Therefore, brands are beginning to understand that their campaign needs to encompass the brand's message and image as a whole versus its product.

Jimmy Choo's collaboration with artist, Rafael Mantesso, is an incredibly clever animation that embraces lifestyle messaging. The capsule collection video for fall 2015 features Mantesso's beloved English bull dog, whose name is ironically Jimmy Choo, in several different animated sketches and scenarios ranging from DJing a party to walking down the runway. In this short campaign feature, Mantesso's talents illustrates the immense capabilities that can be made possible through animation.

Animation is vastly limitless and can execute scenes that would not only be difficult or impossible to film, but also saves significantly in comparison to the physical demands of shooting in reality.

If your brand can imagine it, an animator can create it.

As seen in the Jimmy Choo campaign, animation grabs attention in an unexpected progression and it also generates a greater impact by communicating over a timeline through a dynamic medium of motion.   

Illustrations through animation emphasise a sense of style and glamour that can work wonders for beauty videos and campaigns. Coupled with savvy video editing, animation can be used to enhance the image of a company and really make the company's personality come to life. Creating clever and playful animations to further showcase who your brand is will humanize your company to your consumers.

Renowned fashion illustrator, Megan Hess, designs extraordinary animations that evoke a sense of elegance and glamour that envelope the viewer in a trance of luxury and style. Hess has worked with high-end brands such as Dior, Chanel, Tiffany & Co and numerous publications such as Italian Vogue, Time Magazine and Harper's Bazaar. From her Fashion House trailers to her time lapse sketches of dresses and celebrities, such as Cara Delevingne, Hess dazzles viewers with the personification in her chic sketch animations.

In an interview with Louise Owens, Hess said "I have always been very inspired by the artist Erte. What I loved about him is that he completely ignored all fashion trends and created his own world of fashion images. He was so original. Most of his work was quite simple in black and white but every image created drama and a sense of escapism. He put Fashion Illustration on the map and he will be forever my biggest inspiration."

Animation allows for including the maximum amount of information in a small allotment of time, as people process up to 90% of the information that is communicated visually.

Ultimately, incorporating animation in your brand's video will not only merit its tech-savvy capabilities but it will also allow for more flexibility within the company's message. 


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