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So who is stealing the beauty-brand-spotlight? Currently, BeautyMART is the hit of the show and turning heads with its unique editorial style and cherry-picked beauty products. With a logo referencing a sort of 1980's rock aesthetic and featuring neon typography backed with a black backdrop - BeautyMART exudes a sense of personality, style, and elegance that is nothing short of irresistible. 

BeautyMART was created by two beauty greats, Millie Kendall and Anna-Marie Solowij, who have had 25 years worth of experience in working in the beauty industry. Millie's expertise in launching several different brands combined with Anna-Marie's editorial strengths as a beauty journalist, for publications such as Vogue, make them a force to be met and the perfect dynamic duo. Millie took the time to answer some of Beauty 1st Studios' questions, touching on the foundation of BeautyMART, her thoughts on digital marketing, and about keeping it real.     

What lead you to the decision to partner together in order to create BeautyMART? 

We had known each other for 25 years and we just had a very similar vision of the future of beauty and we seem to agree on most things to do with our industry. This lead to us creating BeautyMART and it seemed really quite organic. 

What have your experiences been like working as female entrepreneurs in the beauty industry? 

Being a woman in any industry is quite hard I think, even in beauty. We are quite radical so we skim the outskirts of our industry a little, and then are often very much central to what is going on, so in essence we are lucky as we don’t have to get caught up in the bureaucracy and we can dip in and out as we wish. 

What have you noticed about beauty retail's adaptability and how has being a smaller retailer allowed you to navigate the industry? 

"We are much more agile and ever changing which is fun for us and we hope the consumer too. Trends in beauty are changing all the time and we are often at the forefront of that which gives us a massive adrenalin rush! Beauty has traditionally not been that adaptable at all, in fact it has been really very old fashioned. We had hoped to change that and is in part what BeautyMART is all about".  

BeautyMART markets well to women of all ages - how do you personalize your products to the niche target audiences? 

BeautyMART is an attitude, not a demographic. It is a style, a vision and a voice. 

With many beauty lines approaching BeautyMART, how did you decide which brands to offer and which brands would best reflect the company? 

We firstly have an instinct and 25 years each experience in what makes a good product, both in terms of style, shelf appeal, packaging and design and also formulation/quality. 

What are some of your personal product favourites? 

Gosh that is hard, I would say that I have a different favourite every single day. Today it is Burberry’s fresh glow, Soleil des Iles Bonxage Intense and Peripera Rouge Bang lip stick.

On what level does technology and digital marketing shape BeautyMART's outreach? 

"This is interesting because this is all new for the beauty industry but I think it gives us a voice, as PR has traditionally done but to a wider audience and immediately. And we try to remain true to ourselves throughout". 

What is the significance of having an online presence? 

It is important but we think more in terms of content and again how we present ourselves to the public, so see it as online dating in a way...

What have you found to be the best way to create dialogue and shareability amongst consumers? 

We don’t over think it, the rules change constantly and we just try to be who we are and share our ideas organically.

How has BeautyMART's YouTube channel affected its potential and current consumers? 

Again we do it for a laugh and when we can, but we do get some good comments back and people do like it, we are a bit like the Odd Couple. 

What has been one of your most memorable/challenging projects to work on? 

Wow, everything I have ever done has been both memorable and challenging. I am a start-addict so I love the first 5 years of any project. 

Where do you see the future of the cosmetics industry going? 

"Personalization will continue, that’s what the EDIT has provided, the opportunity to create your own regime and in turn your own products". 


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