How can we learn about branding through social media influencers?


Over the past decade there have been some major changes in how beauty companies market themselves to consumers. While brands are still putting out advertisements and running campaigns for their latest products, they are also taking extra steps to ensure customers want to buy their products through outlets such as social media. If your brand has not done so yet, it can be invaluable to look to the key social media influencers that are attracting and keeping a loyal audience to see how your brand can learn from them. What exactly are these social media influencers doing to get the attention of such a large audience and how can you incorporate this into your own campaigns?

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How to Maximise the Power of Video

Videos can be quite a challenge if you don't have any idea where to start. Many companies have little or no experience when it comes to producing video content for their brand and can often find the process quite intimidating. Fortunately, the best learning can often come from watching others who have done it successfully, such as Chanel in their Chapters of Chanel campaign. In this blog post, we break down what we believe you should consider when making your brand video, and then point out how successfully Chanel executed it, focussing specifically on their awe inspiring Chapter 11 video.

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The New Beauty Brush

Artis' makeup brushes are becoming one of the newest trends within the beauty industry. Look online and you will see them being used more and more frequently by make-up artists and YouTube connoisseurs across the world. While there are cheaper alternative brushes that mimic Artis' style from brands such as MAC, Artis is the brand which is credited with having created this new stylish brush. Many experts are saying that the traditional make-up brushes do not even compare, not even the most luxurious animal hair brushes on the market.

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Embrace Your Brand's Imagination With Animation

In a search for ever-changing development and adaptation in the advertising industry for the beauty world, the culmination of art, beauty, visual design and technology is the perfect recipe for success. While the beauty industry can be slow to embrace change, the advertising behind the industry can be considered an art form in itself - especially with such a highly competitive market.

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